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A Swan, A Man (2009) for baritone and piano
Commissioned by the Edmund Blunden Society, this dramatic song, to words by Edmund Blunden, vividly responds to the poet's memories of the First World War as he meditates by a village mill-pond. It was first performed by William Coleman (baritone) and Anna Tillbrook (piano) at St James Piccadilly, and subsequently at the 2010 Malvern Song Festival
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Autumn Evening (1979) for soprano, clarinet in B flat, and piano    
5 mins.      Adv.
A vibrant setting of a colourful extract from James Thomson's `The Seasons'  which is in the repertoire of many 'Shepherd on the Rock' trios
First performed by Chalumeau,  25 October 1979, Colchester:
`The highlight was the first performance of Bullard's Autumn Evening' - Nicholas Butler, Essex County Standard
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Come live with me and be my love (1981) for medium voice and piano
A joyous and accessible setting of Christopher Marlowe's popular love poem - an ideal encore song!
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Ground Song (1996) for soprano and string trio           
6 mins.     Adv.
This setting of the poem `Seasons and Times' by William Barnes was written for Lindsay Gowers and the Mercia Ensemble (director Lesley Larkum): first performance on 21 May 1997 at the British Music Information Centre, London

Lament (1990) for soprano, clarinet, violin, harp and piano or soprano, clarinet and piano                                    
8 mins.     Adv.
This dramatic scena is based on the English folk-song `All things are quite silent' and is the lament of a woman whose partner has been press-ganged to fight in the Napoleonic Wars.
First performed by Tapestry at an SPNM concert in Colchester 24 October 1990: trio version first performed by Gemini, London 10 November 1993  
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Music commended and scraping ridiculed (1976) for speaker and piano
c.10 mins.     Adv.
This setting of a Drydenesque satire by the eighteenth-century poet Thomas D'Urfey was commissioned by Ars Nova and first performed in the Purcell Room, London, 10 July 1976, by Jack Edwards (speaker) and David Elwin (piano)

No other Gods but me (1993) for soprano, alto, and organ (or flute/recorder and piano)                                   
3 mins            Mod.
A setting of an 18th century version of the Ten Commandments, first performed by Susan Allen (soprano) Janet Bullard (alto) Mary Blanchard (flute) and Alan Bullard (piano) in Long Melford Church, Suffolk, 14 July 1993

The Heavenly City (1972) for soprano, violin (or viola) and piano, or sop. and string orchestra                              
12 mins.      Adv.
This song cycle is a setting of four poems by Stevie Smith - The Occasional Yarrow, The Singing Cat, Autumn, and The Heavenly City - and was first performed by Una Barry (soprano), Beth Spendlove (violin) and Alan Bullard (piano), Colchester, 24 February 1976
`The highlight of the evening, the work was pervaded with an ethereal quality' - Essex County Standard

The Sea of Faith (1995) for high voice and piano
8 mins.     Adv.
This dramatic and extended setting of Matthew Arnold's vivid poem 'Dover Beach' for high voice and piano treats the performers as equal partners and reflects the seamless blend of continuity and change reflected in the poem. Lasting 8-9 minutes, this is a challenging but worthwhile and moving recital piece, which was first performed by James Oxley (tenor) and Susie Allen as part of the Hampshire County Council `Making Music Accessible' season at Alton 12 May 1995
`A dramatic and intense imagination' - Philip Scowcroft, British Music Society Newsletter
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The Solitary Reaper (1995) for soprano and violin (or treble recorder, or oboe)      
5 mins          Adv.
A setting of the Wordsworth poem, dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Maconchy;  first performed by Lindsay Gowers (soprano) and Lesley Larkum (violin), Colchester 8 March 1995, and recorded on the CD New British Music Vol. 1 (same performers) FMR CD35-0996
`The revelation, when listening to this admirable CD, was the music of Alan Bullard. The Solitary Reaper is such a fascinating composition I found myself returning to it time and time again' Steve Ford, Avant magazine          

Three Bird Songs (1985) for baritone and piano               
7 mins.     Mod-Adv.
These settings of poems by Tennyson (The Owl), Shakespeare (The Cuckoo - When daisies pied), and Clare (Little Trotty Wagtail) were first performed by Timothy Torry (baritone) and Alan  Bullard, Colchester 25 May 1985

Ten songs for voice and piano
Ten individual lyric songs written between 1967 and 1995 for varying ranges and abilities: now out of print as a collection, but songs can be supplied separately.
Songs included are: To Music (Herrick), Pretty Ring Time (Shakespeare), I held love's head (Herrick), The Solitary Reaper (Wordsworth), To Violets (Herrick), The Winter Robin (Clare), Matin Song (Heywood), Come live with me and be my love (Marlowe), When I am dead (Rossetti), The Year's Awakening (Hardy)
First complete performance given by Una Barry (soprano),  John Turner (recorder) and Alan Bullard (piano), Colchester, 16 October 1996          

When I am dead my dearest for voice and piano
This short song of dreamy sorrow and hope for voice and piano is a setting of words by Christina Rossetti. Its sustained and expressive vocal line, supported by rich harmony, make it a popular recital choice. The score contains versions in high and low keys, making it suitable for all voices.
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 Folk-song arrangements

Erin, o Erin (1981) for medium voice, clarinet in B flat (or viola) and piano      
4 mins.     Mod.
An arrangement of a haunting Irish folk-song              

Home on the range  arr. for voice and piano
In the ABRSM Songbook, vol 1

How can I keep from Singing? arr. for voice and piano
In Oxford Solo Songs: Sacred:  Low Voice and High Voice

Lord of all hopefulness arr. for voice and piano
In Oxford Solo Songs: Sacred:  Low Voice and High Voice

The Mallow Fling  arr. for voice and piano
In the ABRSM Songbook, vol 2

The Miller of Dee  arr. for voice and piano
In the ABRSM Songbook, vol 1

The Nutting Girl (1981) for high voice and piano, with optional clarinet (or viola, or violin, or treble recorder, or flute)
3 mins.     Mod.   
This lighthearted arrangement of an East of England folksong has provided a slightly risqué encore to many recitals.  Recorded by The Alexandra Ensemble on Whitetower Records ENS 153
`Why didn't someone do this before? there is nothing like it' - Paul Clark, The Recorder Magazine

The Oak and the Ash  arr. for voice and piano
In the ABRSM Songbook, vol 2

Three folk-carols (1988) arranged for voice and violin           
6 mins.     Mod-Adv.
These arrangements of the Czech Rocking Carol, the English Down in Yon Forest and the Cornish Sans Day Carol were first performed at Curry Rivel Music Club, Somerset by Vanessa Scott and Beth Spendlove, on 10 December 1988

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