string quartet
String Quartet No. 1: Prelude and Metamorphosis (1989)    
8 mins: Grade 8+
This work offers two ways of looking at a simple melodic shape: the Prelude presents it in a fast and rhythmical manner and the reflective Metamorphosis transforms it into a lyrical and expressive slow movement.  First performed by the Landolfi Quartet, Hadleigh 2 July 1990

String Quartet No. 2 (2006)     
8 mins: Grade 8+
Commissioned by Roman River Music, this work takes as its starting point the colourfully chromatic main theme from Mozart's String Quartet K464. Concealed at the beginning, the theme gradually becomes clearer, Mozart having the final say. First performed by the Quince Quartet, University of Essex Lakeside Theatre, 27 October 2006

string orchestra
Cyprian Dances (1994) for string orchestra.                
10 mins: Grade 7-8
Four tuneful movements, based on a number of folk songs and dances from Cyprus.  Also available in a piano duet version.    
First performed by Colchester Chamber Ensemble, director Beth Spendlove, 27 January 1995

Olympic Stars for flexible woodwind, brass and string ensembles
up to Grade 2
Commissioned by Enfield Arts Support Service for their junior band and string groups, and first performed on 4 July 2012. There are five movements: Torch Relay (tutti), Tennis (wind), Synchronised Swimming (strings), 400m Sprint (wind), and Final Celebration (tutti)
BULLARDMUSIC  contact    

The White Peak for string orchestra (1989)                 
13 mins: Grade 5-6
Five movements, suitable for school orchestras,  depicting aspects of Derbyshire's White Peak:
1. Dovedale,  2. Tissington Trail,  3. Arbor Low,  4. Chatsworth,  5. Bakewell Market
Commissioned by North-West Derbyshire Youth String Orchestra (conductor Andrew Hodkinson), first performance Buxton, 8 July 1989

clarinet and string orchestra
Two hands to the pipe for clarinet and string orchestra  (1995)               
10 mins. Grade 8+
Commissioned by Antonia Mott and St Botolph's Music Society (conductor Colin Nicholson) with help from the Hervey Benham Trust  
First performance St Botolph's Church, Colchester, 1 July 1995, Antonia Mott, SBMS/Nicholson
A fantasia based on a Hebridean folk-song, also available for clarinet and piano
`An uncompromising but entertaining piece, combining sustained lyricism with exciting virtuosity' - Alan Parsons, Essex County Standard

recorder and string orchestra
 Concerto for Recorder and Strings
Written for and first performed by John Turner, this work uses four different recorders, tenor, treble, descant and sopranino. The lively first movement is followed by a sorrowful and expressive lament, and the finale is a passacaglia which eventually returns to a triumphant restatement of the opening material, during which the soloist plays all four instruments in turn.
PEACOCK PRESS (recorder and piano) - string parts on hire
c. 10 mins     

Recipes  for descant recorder and string orchestra (or string quartet) (1989/98)    
10 mins Grade 4-7 (also available for recorder solo, recorder and guitar, or recorder and piano)
First performance of this version, Chester, 1998
1.Coffee and Croissants  2.Barbecue Blues  3.Prawn Paella  4.Special Chop Suey  5.Fish and Chips                                  
FORSYTH (material on hire)
Recorded on the CD `English Recorder Music' performed by John Turner (recorders) and the strings of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by Gavin Sutherland
`the cookbook of recipes prepared by Bullard certainly titillates the palette…an extremely enjoyable and recommendable disc' - Ivan March, Gramophone

french horn and string orchestra
Solitary City for horn and string orchestra (1997)     
 c. 10 mins: Grade 8+
Commissioned by Colchester New Music for Clare Hutchings and the Guildhall String Ensemble, but performance never happened!

flute, clarinet, and cello
Flourish for flute, clarinet and cello (2002)           
2 mins: Grade 8
A lively concert opener commissioned by Ensemble E2k and first performed at the Swinburne Hall, Colchester Institute on 20 March 2002

flute, viola, and cello
Flourish for flute, viola and cello (2002/6)          
2 mins: Grade 8
An arrangement of the above, first performed by members of Simon Speare's Big Noise at the Swinburne Hall, Colchester Institute on 29 March 2006

oboe, clarinet, viola and piano
Large White Rock (2004)                       
5: Grade 8+
Designed as a companion piece to Tansy Davies' Small Black Stone, this colourful piece was first performed by members of the Composers Ensemble at a concert organised by Colchester New Music, Swinburne Hall, 31 March 2004. also available in a version for violin, cello, clarinet and piano

clarinet, horn, and viola
Fling for clarinet in B flat, horn and viola (1987)            
6 mins: Grade 8
Based on fragments from Scots dance tunes, f.p. Manson Ensemble, Colchester, 20/11/87

clarinet, violin and piano
A minor deconstruction for clarinet, violin and piano (1998)
9 minutes: Grade 8+
Written for the Coll'Arte Trio, this single movement work was first performed at Birmingham Conservatoire on 3 November 1998: it presents at the opening a simple ostinato which is gradually pulled to pieces and then finally reconstructed in a different form

recorder (or flute), bassoon (or cello), and harpsichord (or piano)
Sonata for Three for recorder (flute), bassoon (cello) and harpischord (piano) (2002)
9 minutes: Grade 7-8
Written and first performed by John Turner, Graham Salvage and Pamela Nash, this work comprsies three movements:
1. Fanfare - a lively dialogue between the instruments, featuring many trumpet-like motifs
2.  Lament - a sombre movement exploring the rich quality of the bassoon and recorder
3.  Burlesque - a busy movement with many changes of metre, in which the recorder and bassoon often provide a background to the harpsichord
c. 8 mins  

violin, cello and piano
Trio for violin, cello and piano (1986)                         
25 mins: Grade 8+
This dramatic and virtuosic work in three movements was commissioned by the Fengate Music Trust and first performed by the Kreutzer Trio, Cambridge, 22 August 1986
`c'est une oeuvre fort intéressante, complexe, tout à tour d'opposition et d'unité, cette dernière apparaissant notamment grâce â une cellule rythmique et mélodique qui parcourt les trois mouvements…un très beau succès - Hauts de Seine

violin, cello, clarinet and piano
Large White Rock (2004/7)                     
5: Grade 8+
Originally designed as a companion piece to Tansy Davies' Small Black Stone, this version was first performed by Ixion (director Michael Finnissy) at a concert organised by Colchester New Music, Swinburne Hall, 6 June 2007

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