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 flute solo

Fifty for Flute (1995)
With titles such as `Crotchety flute', `Comical Flute', `Breathless flute' and `Romantic flute', these 50 progressive studies for solo flute are in two books, grades 1-5 and 6-8
`Definitely worth having…thoroughly recommended' - Pan magazine
`Delightful studies in every way and sure to be popular with students and teachers' - Ann Cherry, Music Teacher magazine     
ABRSM (Publishing) AB 2495, AB 2496:  Follow the links for more information  
Book 1
Book 2

The Sight-reading Sourcebook (2003) - flute grades 1-3
A wealth of sight-reading practice material for up to Grade 3 of the major exam boards
Chester Music / Music Sales CH67914
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flute and piano

Circus Skills(2001) eight pieces for flute and piano
Eight lively pieces of approx. Grade 3 to Grade 5 standard, with free backing CD                           
Spartan Press SP724
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Duologues (1980) for flute and piano
12 mins.
Three movements of about grade 8 standard
first performed by Michelle Lee & Christopher Roberts, Colchester, 4 March 1983
`An engaging addition to the repertoire' - Malcolm Barry, Music and Musicians
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Party Time! (1996) seventeen very easy pieces for flute and piano
Preliminary to Grade 1 in standard
`Do we want to play it again? Yes! A million times!' - Flutewise
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Streetwise Serenade (1997) for flute and piano
3 mins.
A short jazzy piece at about Grade 5 standard
GRIFFITHS EDITION out of print - available from composer

 recorder solo

John's Jig (2004) for solo treble (or sopranino) recorder
2 mins: Grade 8
For John Turner: first performed in Gatley, Manchester, 11 May 2004
A lively virtuosic dance based on a musical cipher of the dedicatee's name
PEACOCK PRESS PJT 027 click link

Winter Landscape (1992) for solo treble recorder
4 mins: Grade 8
For John Turner: first performed in Wellington,  New Zealand, 15 May 1993
`Brilliantly evokes an atmosphere of desolation' - Philip Scowcroft, British Music Society Newsletter
In Pieces for Solo Recorder, Volume 4 - FORSYTH

recorder solo, with optional piano, or guitar, or string orchestra, or string quartet
Recipes (1989) for descant recorder and optional piano, or guitar,  or string orchestra or string quartet
10 mins: Grade 4-7
For John Turner: first performance Wilmslow, 12 November 1989
1.Coffee and Croissants  2.Barbecue Blues  3.Prawn Paella  4.Special Chop Suey  5.Fish and Chips                                  
'a delightful menu' - Guitar International:
'light music of the best kind…very good fun: compliments to the chef' - Recorder Magazine
Recorded on two CDs:
`John and Peter's Whistling Book' English music for Recorder and Piano performed by John Turner (recorders) and Peter Lawson (piano)          FORSYTH FS 001/002
`English Recorder Music' performed by John Turner (recorders) and the strings of the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by Gavin Sutherland
NAXOS 8.572503
`the cookbook of recipes prepared by Bullard certainly titillates the palette…an extremely enjoyable and recommendable disc' - Ivan March, Gramophone

A youtube link

recorder and piano (or harpsichord)
Siciliana (1974) for treble recorder and piano (or harpsichord)
4 mins: Grade 5-6
`Wistful and lilting, this gentle piece has for many years been part of the recorder's standard repertory' - John Turner, The Recorder Magazine
SCHOTT (London) ed. 11378.

Three Diversions (1983) for descant or tenor recorder and piano (or harpsichord)
6 mins: Grade 7
First performance 6 October 1989, Woodbridge, John Turner & Peter Lawson.
'I was exquisite slow movement' - East Anglian Daily Times.

recorder and piano (or guitar)
Galloway Sketches  - homage to Walter Carroll (1995) for recorder (treble doubling descant and optional garklein) and piano or guitar
8 mins: Grade 6-7
first performed by John Turner and Neil Smith, Ambleside, 3 August 1995.
A light-hearted re-interpretation of Walter Carroll's `Scenes at a Farm' - a dream of those childhood times when our musical horizons were delineated by five-finger exercises, and sharps and flats were yet to come into our lives.
1. Galloway Dawn   2. Creatures in the Wood   3. Humans on the Farm
`Elegantly constructed with a touch of sophisticated nostalgia, and piquant yet uncomplicated accompaniments' - The Recorder Magazine

Hat Box (2003) for recorder and piano or guitar
16 mins: Grade 7 approx
first performed by the dedicatee John Turner and Neil Smith on 24 October 2003 at St Mary's Church Stockport, and recorded on Cameo Classics CD (Campion Cameo 2020)
A celebration of the town of Stockport, the former centre of the hat-manufacturing industry, in the form of eight movements each of which refer to a motif from John Wainright's hymn-tune, 'Stockport'.
1.  Top Hat Quadrille  2. Breton Beret   3. Mexican Hat Dance   4. Smokey Stetson Shuffle  5. Deerstalker's Jig   6. Baseball Cap Stomp   7. Best Bonnet Waltz   8. Cloth Cap Galop
The movements can be played separately

recorder and piano
Rondino (1995) for treble recorder and piano
3 mins.
a short lively piece of about Grade 4 to 5 in standard
`Bright and engaging' - John Turner, The Recorder Magazine
In Recital Pieces, volume 2  (FORSYTH)

recorder and piano (or strings)
Recorder Concerto (1995) for various recorders and piano or strings
10-11 mins.
First performed by the dedicatee, John Turner, with the Manchester chamber ensemble, direcotr Richard Howarth, at St. Mary's Church Stockport on May 10th 2008. In three movements: in the third one the recorder player moves from tenor, through treble and descant up to the highest note of the sopranino.
PEACOCK PRESS PJT 118 click link (recorder and piano score: string parts on hire)

two recorders
Sprightly Scherzo (1986) for two treble recorders
2 mins: Grade 5-6
In A Birthday Album for the Society of Recorder Players   (FORSYTH)

 oboe and piano
Sonatina (1971) for oboe and piano                                   
8 mins.
This early work written for the oboist Jane Shillito,  three movements of about grade 6-7 standard, has been recently revised.
`A playable, tuneful work, with dynamic interest and a good feel for the oboe' - Marion Whittow, Music Teacher magazine

Circus Skills(2001) eight pieces for oboe and piano
Eight lively pieces of approx. Grade 3 to Grade 5 standard, with free backing CD                           
Spartan Press SP730

 two clarinets
Five Snapshots (1991) for two B flat clarinets
8 mins: Grade 7
Five Snapshots explores the clarinet's colour and range in five characterful movements: the lively changing moods of 'Focus', the expressive 'Shadow', the scurrying 'Figures', the powerfully rhythmic 'Searchlight' and the empty and mysterious 'Landscape'. Written originally for two advanced students, they are suitable both for study and concert performance.
The score is designed so that both players can play from one copy.
`Well written and recommended' - Gordon Egerton, Music Teacher magazine.
COLNE/SPARTAN  CE 40     Click for more details and to buy

clarinet solo

The Sight-reading Sourcebook (2003) - clarinet grades 1-3
A wealth of sight-reading practice material for up to Grade 3 of the major exam boards
Chester Music / Music Sales CH67925

clarinet and piano

Circus Skills(2001) eight pieces for clarinet and piano
Eight lively pieces of approx. Grade 3 to Grade 5 standard, with free backing CD                           
Spartan Press SP725

Three Blues (1995) for clarinet (or alto sax) and piano
9 mins: Grade 6-7
Each of these tuneful jazz-inspired movements - Carefree Blues, Meditative Blues,  and Agile Blues - is based on the musical initials of a clarinettist colleague.  
`Clever, sophisticated examples that are less limited than most of their kind, being closer to concert repertoire, and well worth exploring' -Gordon Egerton, Music Teacher magazine

clarinet and strings (or piano)
Two hands to the pipe (1995) for clarinet and strings (or piano)
10 mins: Grade 8+
Commissioned by Antonia Mott (clarinet) and St Botolphs Music Society (conductor Colin Nicholson) with help from the Hervey Benham Trust
first performed by the commissioners at St Botolph's Church, Colchester, on 1 July 1995
A fantasia based on the Hebridean folk-song `Two hands to the pipe'
`An uncompromising but entertaining piece, combining sustained lyricism with exciting virtuosity' - Alan Parsons, Essex County Standard

 saxophone and piano

Circus Skills(2001) eight pieces for alto sax and piano
Eight lively pieces of approx. Grade 3 to Grade 5 standard, with free backing CD                           
Spartan Press SP641

Weekend (1993) 5 pieces for saxophone and piano
10 mins: Grade 4-5
Separate versions for E flat and B flat saxophone.
Dedicated to the composer's son Sam, these pieces are entitled Down town, Saturday night out, Ten-pin bowling, Sunday evening in, and Monday morning rush
'Colourful pieces which suit the saxophone an attractive style' - Clarinet and Saxophone magazine.
ABRSM (Publishing)  AB 2047 (E flat)   AB 2425 (B flat)

Three Blues (1995) for alto saxophone (or clarinet) and piano
9 mins: Grade 6-7
1. Carefree Blues  2. Meditative Blues  3. Agile Blues.    
`Stylish and attractive, with an effective dash of naughty humour' - Charles Hine, Winds magazine
Spartan Press

 Work-out (1997) for alto saxophone (or tenor saxophone) and piano
8 mins: Grade 8
An expressive but rhythmic virtuosic piece, written for the composer's son Sam
Colne Edition

 bassoon and piano
Blue Bassoon (1998) for bassoon and piano
2 mins: Grade 5
Commissioned for the Cambridge Intermediate Woodwind Competition, 1998, this short piece combines an expressive blues with a lighthearted middle section

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